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It’s easy to joke about or take lightly the weather forecaster’s dire storm predictions — when they don’t pan out. Bur rare is the winter when at least one major storm doesn’t hit home. Get ready today and you can help ease the inevitable winter storm’s impact — all across your farm. (more…)

A little TLC now will help ensure your batteries are ready to deliver the power you need, when you need it.

A Battery Check Can Help Keep the Juice Flowing

Categories: Parts & Service

There’s never a good time for a dead battery — especially in the dead of winter. Spend a little time today on battery maintenance and you’ll likely prevent headaches and hassle once temperatures plummet. (more…)

As we enter the rush of the holidays, make sure you’ve properly parked your combine for the season. (more…)

The holiday season is a special time for all of us in agriculture. As we enjoy our time with friends, family and loved ones, we want to thank you for trusting Case IH on your farm throughout the year. (more…)




See how the industry’s most accurate planter technologies can help you achieve accuracy at your speed.

The newly engineered 2000 series Early Riser® planter combines the industry’s most accurate planter technologies with an all-new rugged row unit for fast and uniform emergence.


Ready or not, hay-feeding season is fast approaching. The time to prepare is now, before temperatures plummet and the snow flies. A few basic steps can help you ease feeding and make the most of this important feedstuff. (more…)

Grain storage is not a fill-it-and-forget-it proposition. Frequent monitoring can help you preserve grain quality.

Keep An Eye — And Nose — On Your Stored Grain

Before you put a bow on this year’s harvest, take steps to button up your grain bins. And then have a monitoring plan to prevent spoilage and grain-quality losses. (more…)

Take a glimpse into the evolution that began in 1915 with the Deering No. 1 harvester-thresher.

100 Years of Harvesting Leadership

For more than 170 years, Case IH and its legacy brands have continued a tradition of leadership in the agricultural equipment sector. Bringing together the cumulative experiences of great companies such as Case, International Harvester and McCormick, Case IH is built on a rich history.

Whether scouting for weeds or keeping a log of your fields, there’s an ag app ready to help you do the job.

Give These Four Ag Apps a Try

You’ve got a million things on your mind. From fertilizer applications to equipment maintenance and anything and everything in between, your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter — and the latest crop of ag-apps promising to make your life easier is only getting longer.


Timely application is a big reason to own your own spray equipment. Spend a little time on maintenance today and you’ll help ensure your sprayer is ready to hit those tight spray windows next spring. (more…)