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Case IH 3000 Series Draper Headers Go Beyond the Benchmark

In the previous post, we introduced you to the Combine Header Center of Excellence. Coming out of this world-class production facility located in Burlington, Iowa, are the new Case IH 3000 series draper headers, which are designed to harvest more acres in less time, with superior crop feeding and less susceptibility to crop moisture.

What features do you look for in Case IH draper headers?

“With any new product, one of the first and foremost challenges is to build something that meets the customer’s expectations and requirements,” says Kelly Kravig, Case IH Combine and Header Marketing Manager. “That’s why Case IH uses a Customer-Driven Product Design Process.”

3162 draper header 228x152 Case IH 3000 Series Draper Headers Go Beyond the Benchmark

The Case IH Axial-Flow combine and draper headers are a winning combination for maximizing harvest potential.

He adds: “These new state-of-the-art draper headers are based on in-depth customer input and extensive competitive benchmark testing, and engineered with the latest advancements in harvesting technology.”

For example, the exclusive center-mounted knife drive – called CentraCut™ – improves header balance as the head is driven from the center. This increases performance and minimizes vibration across the cutterbar. The CentraCut design also enables narrow end dividers, which reduce crop knockdown and improve grain savings.

“Typically, larger headers have heavier, more complex drives on the header’s left side or on both sides. By using a CentraCut knife drive, we can eliminate the heavier, more complex drives in a simple efficient design,” Kravig explains.

Watch the video to learn more about the new 3152 and 3162 draper heads.

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