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Smart Tips for Attachment Buyers

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You’ve determined the right type of attachment you need to suit your operation. Now, how do you go about buying it, and how do you take care of it once you’ve got it? Case IH Parts & Service can offer a few tips on the buying process for attachments.

Farmall Box Blade Low Res 228x152 Smart Tips for Attachment Buyers

Case IH offers a wide range of attachments for compact tractors. Purchasing an attachment takes careful consideration of the types of jobs you’ll be using it for and how often you’ll be using the attachment.

When to buy? That depends on the type of work you do on a daily basis. The decision to purchase an attachment should be based on utilization. For example, if you are renting a mower every week or two, that could warrant purchasing one. However, if a project is more short term, renting might be a better option. Check with your dealer to see if they offer a rent-to-own program.

When to replace? That depends on how the attachment is used and maintained. It’s important to make sure you receive training on how to maximize your investment. It’s also important to learn exactly what the attachment is designed to do. If you are not maintaining or using the attachment properly, you can expect a much shorter lifespan. Easy maintenance fixes such as blade replacements and chain adjustments can extend the life of many attachments. Case IH offers a complete line of OEM replacement teeth to fit every budget.

Where to go for advice? Visit your local Case IH dealer for more information.

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  • Robert10.26.2013 Reply

    I have an JX 1075C FWD with shuttle shift. It goes out of gear and give fault code 31. Can you tell me how to fix the problem?

    No IH dealers in my remote area of north east NB.


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