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Early Riser Planters Deliver Photocopy Stands

This first installment of our Agronomic Design Insights Video series focuses on planting and features Missy Bauer, Associate Field Editor of Farm Journal, and our own Case IH planter expert in the field, Chris Lursen.

How are your stands looking this spring? If you use an Early Riser planter, have you seen early, more uniform emergence?

When you talk about planting, you often hear equipment manufacturers talk about picket row stands. However, Bauer emphasizes that achieving photocopy plants, or uniformity of plants, has the greatest impact on yield.

Chart Early Riser Planters Deliver Photocopy Stands

Data shows the Early Riser® planter row unit produces 6 to 10 percent improvement of Net Effective Stand Percentage (NESP) over conventional row units.  This is based on Case IH-collected data of more than 162,000 plant measurements taken on more than 20 sites in six states over four growing seasons.  The Early Riser row unit has 12 unique features that all contribute to earlier, more uniform emergence.

Visit our Agronomic Design page to learn more about agronomic considerations at planting, photocopy stands and more. Be sure to visit often, as more Agronomic Design videos will be released throughout the year.


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