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Beyond the Picket Fence to the Photocopy Plant

Purchasing a new planter is a major decision. In this video, Case IH Planter Marketing Manager Bill Hoeg provides a detailed walk-around of the Early Riser® planter, explaining how its features contribute to increased yield potential. It includes a side-by-side comparison of an Early Riser row unit and a conventional row unit. See firsthand the distinct soil profiles of seed trenches that are the result of two different row units.

2013 8 14 New Case IH Early Riser 5 Series Planters Low Res 228x152 Beyond the Picket Fence to the Photocopy Plant

The Case IH Early Riser planter boasts several agronomic advantages that help growers achieve photocopy plants.

This video gives you an up-close look at the Agronomic Design advantages of the Early Riser planter that are helping growers achieve photocopy plants. You can learn more by viewing these Be Ready blog posts:

Note: Video is about 10 minutes in length.

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