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Agronomic Design Insights: Stop the Ear Drop & Start Harvesting More Corn

In this third installment of our Agronomic Design Insights video series Video, Terry Snack, a Case IH Combine Product Specialist, focuses on how the Agronomic Design principles of the Case IH Axial-Flow® combines and corn heads can help reduce ear drop and loose kernel loss.

How is harvest progressing in your area? How has your Axial-Flow combine helped you minimize loss?

Snack says if you find just one or two fallen ears behind your combine, that can easily translate into a two to three bushel per acre potential loss.

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The Axial-Flow combine and 4000 series corn heads were built with Case IH Agronomic Design principles to help producers maximize their yield potential at harvest.

The video shares how the Agronomic Design of the Axial-Flow combine and new 4000 Series corn heads provide a more efficient harvest:

  • Uniform Crop Flow – Larger diameter stalk rolls with point-to-point knives provide superior feeding and processing.
  • More Grain Savings – Patented corn saver louvers and row unit divider sealing keep more corn in the combine.
  • Gentle Threshing – Patented transition cone and rotor provide gentler crop acceleration and grain-on-grain threshing.
  • Faster Harvesting – Higher capacity gathering chains allow increased harvesting speeds in high-volume crop.

Visit our Agronomic Design page to learn more about these design principles that help you Be Ready.

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